Applicants must meet criteria to become members of A Place for Hope (AP4H). Applicants must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Be a resident of Clay County, Minnesota
  • Be formally diagnosed with a mental illness, condition, or disorder by a licensed, qualified medical or mental health professional
  • Complete the Membership Application Form (PDF, 145.60 KB), which includes providing a photo ID, a medical insurance card, a copy of your COVID-19 vaccination card, and the certification of the SPMI/SMI form from the licensed, qualified medical or mental health professional

Upon submission of the completed membership application, the Executive Director will conduct a background check. Upon passing the background check, the Executive Director will inform the applicant of his/her/their membership status (accepted, denied, or pending).

Center Expectations Review & Instructions

  1. Please sign in when you arrive. Signatures should be legible. If you have a key fob, please swipe it on the reader outside of the center door.
  2. Please refrain from gossiping about other members; this includes discussing incident reports. We need to help build each other up, not tear each other down. We are all human; we all make mistakes. Don’t repeat what you hear about another member without their permission.
  3. You are expected to clean up after yourself and share in the chores of keeping the center clean and running. Every member has gifts and talents they can contribute.
  4. Borrowing of money or cigarettes is not allowed in the center.
  5. No alcohol, drugs, weapons, or potentially dangerous items or substances may be brought, used, or sold at the center.
  6. The use of offensive, provocative, or slanderous language, clothing, or viewing on computers or TV are not permitted. There will be no sexual contact, inappropriate touching, or sexual activity at the center.
  7. Acts or threats of physical violence or willful destruction of property is not permitted.
  8. Harassment of any type is not permitted on center premises or outside functions.
  9. Smoking is only allowed in the designated area. Do not throw butts on the ground.
  10. Stealing from the center or any of the members is not permitted. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please take care of your possessions.
  11. The van is to be used for center activities, and it is not available for personal errands.
  12. Guests, including children, must remain with the member while at the center. Members have first opportunities for food for meals and snacks. Guests also need to follow the Center expectations.
  13. Only service animals are allowed at A Place For Hope.  Service animals are required to be with the member at all times, contained and/or leashed. Service animals may not be controlled by other members or left attached to a table or chair leg.  The member is responsible for immediate clean-up of any accidents, fur, food, and water. Your service animal will no longer be allowed to attend with you if there is barking, biting, accidents, or any other behavior not appropriate for a service animal.


Violators of Center Expectations will first be given a verbal warning to stop the behavior by staff or volunteers in a calm manner. If behavior continues, the member will lose privilege of that area/equipment for the day. If behavior escalates or becomes aggressive or threatening, the member will be asked to leave. If the member refuses to leave, police will be called to intervene. Continued violations may result in loss of privileges or access to the center for a period of time deemed appropriate by the Executive Director and/or AP4H Board. Members on both sides of the situation are encouraged to complete incident or grievance reports located next to the sign in desk in a drawer below the phone.