About Us

We provide a place where adults living with mental illness can explore their interests and hobbies, learn new skills and explore the community in a supportive social environment free from discrimination to prevent social isolation and relapse on their road to personal recovery.

We Improve Mental Health

We offer recovery support through peer mentoring, referrals, education, volunteering and partnering with other agencies, to help transition into the community in a forgiving and supportive environment.

We Help Build Social Relationships

We helping members build skills to increase their confidence and abilities in handling social situations and offering opportunities for interactions both at the center and in the community.

We Provide Life Enrichment Activities

  • Model appropriate social interactions
  • Increase tactile and intellectual stimulation
  • Build trusting friendships and relationships that teach forgiveness and acceptance
  • Promote peer mentoring and sharing
  • Explore arts, crafts, meditation and physical expression to work through feelings.

We Enhance Support

We make referrals to other services and offer support that helps members stretch their monthly budgets. Assistance in the form of daily food baskets, occasional meals, daily snacks and coffee, computer and internet access, video and reading library, clothing and household good donations, use of laundry facilities, newspaper and television viewing, hygiene items and pet supplies, all as available and funding permits.

We Instill Hope

We provide an entry point for individuals living with mental illness to help them move outside the isolation of their home environments and enter into the community in a center that offers stimulation, acceptance, friendship and forgiveness.