Want to Stay Sober? Quit Smoking Cigarettes

In 2015, a study was completed by Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health as well as the City University of New York. The study shows that adult smokers who have a history of alcoholism are at a greater risk of relapsing in three years than recovered alcoholics that do not smoke.

The majority of adults who seek treatment for drug addiction or alcohol addiction also smoke cigarettes. Treatment for alcoholism and treatment for drug addiction often involve the same types of rehabilitation programs. However, these programs rarely also address cigarette and nicotine addiction. The idea is that asking adults with alcoholism or drug addiction issues to quit smoking while they are also quitting drinking or drugs can often be too much.

Quitting smoking is a good idea for anyone. Smoking cigarettes is a terrible thing for your health. However, quitting smoking is even more important for adults who have drinking problems or problems with drug use as stopping cigarettes may help them to stay sober. Many adults have used e-cigarettes or vapes to help them quit smoking. They slowly decrease the nicotine level in their vape juice. Many of them continue to vape zero nicotine juice, which allows them to keep the habit of smoking without the destructive aspects.

While it is unclear why the results of this study ended up being the way they were, the point is that adults in recovery for alcoholism or drug addiction should also consider giving up cigarettes. It may be too much to give up cigarettes at the same time as stopping drugs or alcohol. However, it would be good to decrease your level of nicotine consumption so that eventually you are able to give it up.

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