A Place for Hope is a recovery blog started by Kelly Fraiser. Kelly is an alcoholic and drug addict who has been in recovery for three years, and she is dedicated to helping others with their recovery journeys.

Kelly is from Philadelphia, PA, and three years ago, she realized that her life was out of control. Alcohol and drugs were in the driver’s seat, and her disease was causing her to destroy all of the relationships that were important to her. She was never able to keep anything: not the jobs that she desperately tried to hang on to, not a boyfriend, not even a relationship with her siblings or parents. After years and years of this, she had a car accident that nearly left her paralyzed. It was at this point that she realized enough was enough.

After going through rehabilitation at The Recovery Village in Florida, Kelley’s life drastically changed. She did all of the work to rebuild her life, and without drugs and alcohol destroying her life, she was able to maintain healthy relationships and keep a job. Now, she is doing really well. She is engaged to a man that she loves, and she has an exciting career as an administrative assistant.

She began the A Place for Hope blog to provide resources and positive thoughts for others who are struggling with addiction. She wishes to offer hope for others who feel like all hope is lost. Keep the faith, and have a look at the blog for more positive posts.